Monday, August, 31, 09


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Let me voice out the spell here!!!^^

For some reasons, I am changing my wordpress to blogspot.


Sorry for any inconvenience caused. This blog will still exist as i failed to shift those posts. It doesnt matter as I am a greedy girl. =)

Update will be on the new site.

See ya there!


Sunday, August, 30, 09


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Can my acts or words in that kind of circumstances be considered as mistakes?

Mistakes meant to be action or opinion that are not correct, or that produces result that I didn’t want.

At that time, I just didn’t know that I shouldn’t act or say so. My brain did not work that fast.

Action and speaking have to be fast.

Often, I realized my wrongness after the incident.

Too late! I am just blunt and stupid. (oh, I shouldn’t find excuses for myself.)

I am sorry for the inconvenience and the disappointment caused by my clumsy and fussy.

I didn’t mean it. I really didn’t mean it.

I tried to be good and of cause I wanted to be good.

 Sincerely, I always want to be good. Being good to people make me feel good too.

And, I did try my best. Failure just couldn’t let me go.

Practices and experiences needed for me to act or talk better.

I find it difficult to forgive myself. Simply, it has happened for too many times.

Forgive me for interrupting so much at that time.

Forgive me for the offence which came with recklessness.

Forgive my ignorance.

Lastly, forgive me for unable to apologize directly as this is not suitable for that kind of situation.

I am sure that you wouldn’t want it to happen too.

I will think faster; I will act smarter; I will talk better; next time.


p/s: for sure that this is the only changes I want. More on the way.

Friday, August, 28, 09


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Yoohoo~~ Here the 6 days of holidays come! By the way, I have only 4 days because 2 of which I have to work… Well, the fact is, actually we are not supposed to have holidays. These holidays just come by coincidence of national days and changes of timetable.

This morning, when I was on the way to work by LRT, when I was about to get down from the train, a man suddenly point something on my seat to me. I was wondering what happened and of course I turn my head and had a look. There was a phone beside my seat. I didn’t notice it at all before I was told. I took up and had a look. Luckily, it’s not my phone. Well, that’s obvious. -_-lll I was kinda sleepy at that moment and it caused me to be blurred. I thought that was my phone. After I took up and realized that that was not my phone, I put it back to the same place and told that man “It’s not mine” and move on. I had a fast thought that the owner may come back and get it so I put it back to its original position. Then, I realized that I am stupid. L How on earth is the owner is able to come back to get it. That is LRT. Oh fine. Nothing else I can do. Until night, I thought of something. Actually I can take that phone back and call the owner. That’s the best way to ensure that the owner get it back but it’s too late. I was dumb. Oh well! By the way, I am glad that I met such a good person that is willing to tell people when people left their belongings behind. As you already know, there are not much of these kinds of people. May god bless kind-hearted people. =) Credits should be given to that man.

Got my pay check today. Unfortunately, the money is too little. Have to save money. Went to bookfest yesterday with some classmates. Oh! I have to talk about them! Thanks them (Vivian & Kiran) for willing to come so far just to accompany me. I love you guys! Bought 3 books and broke. L Anyway, I am looking forward to our next outing!

This is already end of August. I started LLB at 22nd June. When Inter June/July officially started in July, my class gets bigger from 20+ to 60+ people. Life @ ATC is very much different with my previous life. Of course, there are good ones and bad ones. I will be talking about good ones here. Having a class which consists of 60+ people is actually far better than a small class. We get to know more people. There are happy-go-lucky types of people. There are people who look unfriendly but in reality there are not. There are nervous types of people who are like me (You know who you are if you read this :p). There are kind people and so on so forth. However, there are selfish types of people too. If those people don’t exist, our class will be perfect. =) What is really different is that all of us are having different culture yet we get along well. I have never spoken as much English as now. I have never thought that I can get along well with non-chinese people. Because of you guys, my life is more colorful. Glad to know all of you. J

In studies, there are still lots of problems waiting to be solved for e.g., general rules, cases etc; there are still lots of uncertainties; there are still a lot to be improved. I hope that, eventually, we can make it!

Wednesday, August, 5, 09


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Thursday, July, 23, 09


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在一间律师楼做Part Time。一开始是一星期两天,然后是一星期一天。也是General Clerk。时间一样。





那个电脑。很慢,真的很慢。(想象一下,你毎关闭一个文件,就要等大约一分钟)Window 98和97年的Microsoft Office。







Thursday, July, 2, 09


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回想当初,昨天好像是我第一天骑着脚踏车抱着紧张的心情到Jetlink上班。第一天上班当然很紧张咯!踏进公司后,我鼓起我所有的勇气逼迫害羞的自己跟陌生的同事打招呼。然后,我自己一个人傻傻地坐在一旁看报纸,等老板娘到来给我签appoint letter。过后,我又紧紧张张地坐在我的位子上等着被委托工作。







感觉上,昨天自己才参加了annual dinner。入世未深又不擅交际的我,静静地坐在那里等着时间的过去。



我的工作范围很广。有做“苦力”的时候,有打电脑的时候,有复印的时候,有scan东西的时候,有打email的时候,有找文件的时候,有陪老太太看医生的时候,有撕邮票的时候,有剪报纸的时候,有到外面交文件的时候,有斟茶递水的时候,有抹桌子的时候,有“看”菲佣的时候等等等等的。我比还未到那里工作前更善于运用microsoft word和excel了。没用过scanner的我也能运用自如了。除此之外,当然也学会了不少东西。^^


常跟同事一起吃午餐,一起吃早餐,常常谈天说地,有时说说笑,有时我会向她们倾诉,有时她们会做一些糕点让我口福不浅。。。 同事也会常提醒我以避免我犯错,常给我一些宝贵的意见。。。经过了七个月的时间,我从没勇气跟她们打招呼到可以向傻婆一样对她们大喊大叫。。。从老板们不断的责骂我的出错,到他们慢慢地了解到我是一个需要详细解释的人,似乎已明了我在哪方面会犯错并在那方面加以叮咛加以提醒以避免我犯错带来不必要的麻烦;从不断地挨骂到挨骂的次数少之又少。。。老板偶尔慷慨请吃一顿,让我能省下更多钱。。。


当然也不忘记,自己托了Jetlink的福而有机会学日文。Free of charge的。虽然还无法说出一口流利的日文,虽然不记得很多日文句子,不过自己也算能阅读及能写出日文中的hiragana和katakana了,也勉强记得一些常用句。这也算是一大收获。


一转眼,今天已是我在Jetlink的最后一天了。不舍得,总有一点,毕竟七个月的时间很足以让我习惯那里的生活。 Jetlink和同事们陪我成长了超过半年。


Tuesday, June, 30, 09


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Last time, I slept for 2 hours at night, it is reasonable to feel sleepy.

Now, I sleep at least 6 hours a day, yet I still feel sleepy all the time.

I have regulated my sleeping time slowly throughout the pass half year.

Yet, I still feel sleepy almost all the time.

I can sleep inside the LRT, I can sleep at LRT Station, I can sleep in the bus, I can sleep at staff canteen of Jusco, I can sleep on the sofa of Jusco.

Sometimes,  i am scare that i will over my destination.

I remember that there was once that i slept in the metro bus, when i woke up, i dunno where i was. I was kinda nervous. I waited until the bus went to the last station and came back again. I hope that that won’t happen anymore. :p

It seems like I can sleep everywhere I am. >.<

My sleeping time was slowly regulated.

Why I am still so sleepy?

No matter how well my sleeping time is fixed, I still look like sleepy.

I didn’t sleep too much nor too less.

What is wrong?

Do I need to have skill is managing my sleeping time? >.<

Do I need to learn how to sleep well? >.<

Monday, June, 22, 09

22-06-2009 @ ATC

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Today is my first day of “university” life. Why is it “university” but not university? This is because my school is Advance Tertiary College. There is no the word “university”.

I don’t like this school. It doesn’t give me feel like it is a university or a school. In fact, I think it is more suitable to be known as a tuition centre. It just looks like the tuition centre I usually goes when I was in form 5. Pusat Tuisyen Kasturi.

When I started dealing with this school, I started hating it. At first, they told me that the next intake will be in June. That time was sometime around April. When I called back to ask again, they told me that there was one intake has already started, which is May intake. That time was already somewhere around mid of June. =.=lll

They asked me to join although I would have missed a few classes. I don’t like to miss any class and also I was working, I can’t leave as I like, so I didn’t. I told them that I want to join the June Intake. I asked about the intake date, they, more than one staff told me that it will be the first week of June, or 1st of June. I kept asking for the timetable but it was not out throughout the few weeks. At first, I doubt about what they said because the timetable was not out yet. On and on, more than one staff told me about the same thing, intake start at 1st of June, then, I trusted them fully.

After that, I resigned with my company and got ready to start my “university” life. Few days before 1st of June, their so called timetable was finally out. I was shocked. The intake date was 22nd of June instead of 1st of June. In addition, there is only one day class a week. =.=lll

I never expect that my “university” life has only one day class a week. Fine, I accepted it anyway.

Then, I decided to continue working because I have only 2 days class this month. I can take leave to go for the 2 days classes. Resigned, continued working, resigned and continuing working. That is the process happening on me.  

Last Tuesday, I called ATC and asked whether there are any changes in the timetable. I got to make sure my class really starts before I submitted my leave form. I applied one day leave which is today. During all this time, sometimes, I will worry that they will have some changes again and again. I may be unable to accept.

Today, i woke up at 6.30am, prepare myself and waited at LRT station for about 2 hours for my 4 hours class. My class finally started on time. This time, I got another “surprise” again. There is a new timetable. The 1 day class will be split into 2 days class, which means that today I have only 2 hours class and I have to attend classes tomorrow. They didn’t inform me. Damn!

I should have taken leave earlier. You may say that, doesn’t matter as I won’t be working for long. However, this is not a matter of working how long, but a matter of my reliability (something like that). I have to thicken my face and inform my boss that I am going to take another leave tomorrow.

One more thing, they told me that the ptptn loan application dateline was 16th of June, result can be checked 3 days later which was 19th of June. I didn’t check because I heard that it is not good to log in to check if the result is not out yet. I doubted whatever they told me. I am right this time. Today, I asked the person who is in charged again, and she told me that the result will be out tomorrow. =.=lll I hope that this time is the right one.

See! They can change as they like. They didn’t sign contract when telling me those things, else, I can bring it to court and sue them!

I heard people saying that they are good. I really doubt it. I am sorry to say that. At the moment, this is the impression they give me.

I sincerely hope that everything will go fine during my 3 years of studying there. I hope that I will not get anymore disappointment from them. *Praying*

Friday, June, 19, 09

My Choice?

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I don’t know whether it’s considered as my choice.

Maybe I can say that I am half forced to make this decision.

Oh no! I was the one who made this decision and persuade him.

I got to persuade someone for the thing that I don’t like.

Sarcastic, isn’t it?

Since I have made decision, I should just go on and on.

There are no more turning points. I guess.

Scare and worry wouldn’t help anyway.

I shouldn’t get affected by those external reasons.

I should be strong, stronger!

I sincerely hope that I won’t regret.

I seriously hate that.

No matter what problems appear again, I will have to cope it!

I believe that I can.

So now, let go of those unhappiness and start feeling cheers!

頑張ってto me.


Friday, May, 29, 09


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